Utkarsh Bangla

Paschim Banga Society for Skill Development (PBSSD)

An Initiative by Department of Technical Education, Training and Skill Development
Government of West Bengal

Orders / Notices

SL Subject Date of Release
1 Training Guideline regarding batches 01/10/2021
2 Guidelines for Filling Up Application Form for various posts of Retainer Consultants 15/02/2021
3 Advertisement for various posts of Retainer Consultants under PBSSD 15/02/2021
4 Order regarding operational activities of Training Centres under PBSSD 19/08/2021
5 Training Activities of All Training Centres of PBSSD Will Remain in Vacation Mode w.e.f 20-04-2021 19/04/2021
6 Discontinuation Order for Some Healthcare Job Roles by MoRD 19/02/2021
7 Advertisement for hiring of Retainer Consultants for various themes at PBSSD 15/02/2021
8 PBSSD CNN Rates Revision Order 10/02/2021
9 Retainer Consultant and YP Hiring Policy Order 10/02/2021
10 Reopening of Training Centers and Hostel 12/11/2020